With Gen 4 Technology, Escaplex Escape Rooms is the Ultimate Escape Room Experience!

All your senses will come alive as you enter our meticulously-detailed, fully automated, electronically-controlled rooms.

Our integrated electronics, sensors and other new technologies enable you to experience a more immersive feel, enhancing your game play.

Escaping is no easy task, it will require your creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills to overcome all challenges.

Find hidden clues, solve mysteries, riddles, puzzles and more, all which are embedded in our escaping scenarios.

Escaplex will provide you with loads of excitement, fun and adventure, as well as a fantastic team building experience.

You have a full 60 minutes!

“Escape” from one of our rooms and providing you still have time remaining, you can play another one.

How many rooms can you do???




Not sure what to expect and this your first visit to Escaplex Escape Rooms?  We’ will try to answer all your questions here…

Escaplex allows you to play for the time you pay for.

If you escape one of our rooms and have time remaining, you will be able to play another room.

Most sessions are 60 minutes duration, however longer sessions can be arranged.  Please contact us for further details.

On average most groups play around 2-3 rooms during a 60 minute session.


(All bookings are private, meaning your group will not be playing with other people)

2 Players: $80 ($40pp)     3 Players: $114 ($38pp)     4 Players: $140 ($35pp)     5 Players: $160 ($32pp)     6 Players: $180 ($30pp)

(7th Player can be squeezed into same group on request, although it is not recommended: $30 extra)


(All bookings are private.  Players, split into 2-4 groups, depending on number of players, and play simultaneously in different rooms.  Maximum of 6 players per group)

7 Players: $252 ($36pp)     8 Players: $272 ($34pp)     9 Players: $297 ($33pp)     10 – 19 Players: ($30pp)     20+ Player: ($28pp)

Our games start on time, so please try to arrive to your booking 10 minutes early.

This is a live experience game and we will not be able to delay the game, if other groups are booked in at the same session time as you, or we have another group playing directly after your game.

We have a briefing video, which is played for all players to watch prior to your game play.  This is very important as it provides vital information to assist with playing the game.  The briefing video commences approximately 3 minutes prior to your scheduled session time, or when everyone has arrived (whichever comes first).

Once the briefing video concludes, your time starts and your group will commence in one of our themed rooms.  With 60 minutes on the clock, you will need to work together to complete all challenges and “escape”.

If a group completes all the challenges in their room and they still have time remaining, they will be able to play another themed room.

On average most groups play around 2-3 rooms during a 60 minute session.

When your session time is up, an audible message is played over your room to advise.

Before leaving, your group is welcome to have complimentary photos taken in our green screen, self-serve, social booth.  All photos are free and downloadable from our Facebook page.

As this is a live experience game, we are not able to delay the sessions and therefore the game will commence as scheduled.

Any lost time will be forfeited.

If someone in your group is running late, the game will still start as scheduled and we will place them into the game on their arrival.

We recommend 2-6 players per group, however if you would like to squeeze in a 7th player, and do not wish to split into two groups, we will allow it.  You can book for 6 players and advise staff on the day that you would like to add an extra player.

Up to 3 groups (total of 18 people) can be booked from our website to play at one time.  Select the required amount of “Groups” to cater for your group size.

If you have more than 18 people, please contact us for bookings and special pricing.  We can accommodate up to 30 people at one time.

Up to 3 groups (total of 18 people) can be booked from our website to play at one time.

Select the required amount of “Groups” at the same session time to cater for your group size

EXAMPLE – booking 14 people, select … Group 1 (5 players) + Group 2 (5 players) + Group 3 (4 players)

Each group will commence and play at the same time, in different themed rooms.

For “Group Prices”, please contact us.  We can accommodate up to 32 people at one time.

We are always happy to accommodate and are pretty flexible.

You can add players to your booking, so long as you do not exceed our maximum group size and any extras can be added and paid on the day.

If you have more players that will exceed the group size limit, please call ahead and we can advise our availability.

All bookings are final and unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are not able to make it to your booking, please contact us via email at least 48hrs prior to the booking and we’ll do our best to reschedule.

If the group is a No-Show, your booking will not be rescheduled, or refunded.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, so it is best to find someone else to fill their spot.

If you are unsure as to your final numbers, it is recommended that you book for only confirmed players, and add any extra players on the day.

Anyone from 5 years plus can play! This is a mind game and there are no strenuous activities.

Our challenges are not meant to be easy and were designed for 16+, however children 5 and over can have a fantastic experience with the help of an adult or two.

Please note that children under 5 are not permitted into the rooms at all.

Players under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a participating Parent, or Guardian.

There is no difference between the groups.  Each group commence at the same session time and play simultaneously in different rooms.

Each group can have up to 6 players.  Therefore if you have more than 6 players, you can book multiple groups to accommodate all your players and ensure you all play at the same time.

Your booking is private and you will only be in the room with the people that you book for.

We may have other groups that book the same session time as you, but they will play in different rooms to your group.

Escaplex only opens when we have a booking, so all sessions must be pre-booked at least 2 hours in advance.

For short notice bookings please contact us via phone, or email, and we will do our best to fit you in.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please contact our friendly team.


Escaplex Escape Rooms, 358 North East Road, Klemzig  SA 5087
08 8369 3119



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