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HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?2023-12-11T15:31:21+09:30

Allow approximately 10 minutes before your session and 10 minutes after.
Players have 60 minutes in the escape room to complete all the challenges.
If teams do not complete all the challenges within the allocated time, staff can walk teams through the remaining challenges.

IMPORTANT – Sessions begin on time and the 60 minutes will commence no later than your booking start time!

After playing your escape room game, groups are welcome to use our complimentary Photo booth. All photos taken will be uploaded to our Facebook page for you to download free of charge.

DO I HAVE TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW?2022-12-23T11:52:05+09:30

Your booking is private and you will only be in the room with the people that you book for.
We may have other groups that book the same session time as you, but they will play in different rooms to your group.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?2023-12-11T16:03:51+09:30

All bookings are private, meaning you are only playing with the group you book for.

Price per escape room is $110 for up to 2-players.
Additonal players can be added to each escape room at $25 per person (or $20 per child between 5yrs-15yrs old).

Any booking with children 15yrs or younger, MUST have at least one participating Adult 18+, in the experience with them at all times.
Children aged 4 and under are not permitted, unless in a restraint for the FULL experience.  Please decide if this is something that will suit your group.

* Refunds are not provided if someone doesn’t turn up on the day, therefore we strongly suggest booking for a 2-player game and pay for the remaining players on the day.

For bookings outside our standard session times, refer to “CORPORATE & LARGE GROUP BOOKINGS”

WHAT DOES A KEYLESS ESCAPE ROOM MEAN?2022-12-23T11:51:52+09:30

Very simply it means just that – NO KEYS or PADLOCKS!

Our rooms are fully automated, electronically controlled smart rooms.

Electronics, sensors and more have been integrated into our rooms and puzzles to give you an immersive experience.

It’s like being inside a computer game, where standard everyday items like microwaves, telephones, pictures, cupboards, taps, cooktops etc, are much more than they first appear.

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