Minimum of 2 players and maximum of 8 players, refer to room limits below –

The Jubilee Heist (2-8 players)

Picture Imperfect (2-8 players)

A Deadly Dinner (2-8 players)

The Wild West (2-6 players)

Please note that we do not have duplicate escape rooms.

If you have a group that exceeds our room limits, you will need to book more than one room at the same session time, to accommodate everyone.

Our recommendations on maximum group size are for the benefit and value for all players, however if you wish to forgo our recommendation and add an extra player, we will allow it.  Book your room for the maximum amount of people, and let staff know on the day that you would like to add an extra player.

All bookings are private, meaning you are only playing with the group you book for.