Our escape rooms are a live experience.  Players enter a themed room and work together to find the clues, solve the riddles and complete the puzzles & challenges within the room.

Games must commence on time, so it is important for all players to arrive in a timely manner.  Lockers will be provided free of charge for all electronic devices and belongings. You will not need to bring in any items, including torches, paper and pens.

Before players can begin, everyone will be briefed on the rules and then game, along with the 60 minute countdown, will begin.

Our rooms have been designed to promote teamwork and often challenges require more than one person to complete them, so good communication is important. Everyone will need to work together if you want to “escape”.

If your team is successful, you will be congratulated over the audio system and a staff member will advise your escape time.

If your team does not escape within the 60 minutes, an audible message is played over your room to advise that your session time is up.  Before escorting your group out, a staff member will walk your group through some, or all of the remaining challenges left to complete.