Escaplex Terms and Conditions

CONDITION OF ENTRY – Prior to entry and using our facilities, you agree that you have read, accept and will comply with Escaplex Escape Rooms Terms and Conditions.

GAME PLAY AND LIABILITY – Each room challenges require rational solutions derived through logical deduction and does not require uncommon or obscure knowledge. Please refrain from using force to open props, locks or doors or climbing on furniture.  Please take care with our items, as all damaged items during your session are entirely your responsibility; damaged items will be repaired or replaced by you (the participant) in cases where they cannot be further used.

ARRIVAL TIME – Please ensure you and your group arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your session time.  Sessions commence at the booking time and run for precisely 60 minutes.  At the conclusion of the session participants need to make their way out of Escaplex Escape Rooms, regardless whether or not the room has been completed. This is to allow time for the next session.

RUNNING LATE – If you are running late, you are still permitted to enter the session, but forfeit any playing time. If you are any more that 30 minutes late your booking will be deemed a no show and no refund will be given.

CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS – Bookings are final and we do not offer refunds if you make a mistake, change your mind, cancel, or do not arrive for your allocated booking.

RESCHEDULING – If you need to reschedule a booking, please contact us.  Bookings can be rescheduled up to 48hours prior to your booking.  Rescheduling will not be given if the notification occurs within 48 hours of the booking.

UNDER 16 – Escaplex Escape Rooms is best suited for persons over 16 years old.  Identification may be requested.  Failure to provide proof of identification may result in not being able to participate.

Children under the age of 16 years old are welcome, however they must be accompanied by at least one parent or authorized guardian.  The parent or authorized guardian agrees to supervise them at all times and is bound by Escaplex Escape Rooms Terms and Conditions on the child’s behalf.

Maximum of 5 children between the ages 5 – 15 years old per group.

Please note that the problem-solving aspects of our puzzles, could be challenging for children under the age of 10 years old.  There are some props and themes that could be frightening for children.  Unfortunately children under the age of 5 years old are not permitted.

HEALTH CONDITIONS & MEDICAL TREATMENT – You may encounter stairs, tight spaces, dark areas, bright lights and the likes during play through Escaplex Escape Rooms.   You consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during this activity assume all costs.

FOOD & DRINK – Food or drinks are not to be taken into Escaplex Escape Rooms and no outside food or drinks are permitted on the premises without prior consent.

SMOKING – No Smoking is permitted within Escaplex Escape Rooms premises.

ALCOHOL & DRUGS – We reserve the right to refuse entry if we suspect you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

LOCKERS – Lockers are provided free of charge and should be used to store your belongings before your session commences.

MOBILE PHONES – Mobile phones must not be used during your game play and are recommended to leave in lockers.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE – You understand and agree that while participating in this activity, video surveillance will be used for assistance within the experience, safety instructions or to make claims if necessary of damages to the property or facilities of Escaplex Escape Rooms.

PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS – By using our photo booth and/or allowing Escaplex Escape Rooms staff take photos of you, you understand and consent that these photos may be posted on social media and may be used for promotional purposes.

REFUSAL OF ENTRY – Escaplex Escape Rooms reserves the right to refuse entry, or stop a session at any moment, if they feel the points in this document have been breached, or it is deemed that you are a danger to yourself, others or Escaplex Escape Rooms staff or facilities.

COPYRIGHT & CONFIDENTIALITY – The copying, distribution, publication or use of creative concepts belonging to Escaplex Escape Rooms are strictly forbidden. You will not post trade secrets or game puzzles relating to your experience at Escaplex Escape Rooms on any social media. Doing so ruins the experience for future players. You are bound to keep all details of the experience confidential, as to preserve the experience for others. You acknowledge that taking pictures & video inside the Escaplex Escape Rooms game, without prior written consent is forbidden. If caught, the game will be immediately terminated and media will be deleted. Escaplex Escape Rooms reserves the right to pursue legal action against you if found to be breaking these rules.